What To Expect When You Join Our Scentsy Team

If you are thinking about joining the Scentsy business opportunity as an independent Scentsy consultant, there are some important things to take into consideration.   Each consultant has his or her own unique set of skills and abilities that they can pass on to you when helping you get started.  You want to find someone who’s strategy aligns with your own personality.

Michelle has nearly 20 years of online marketing experience.  Therefore, we have chosen to build our business online using online marketing strategies, which includes showing our team members how to do the same.  As a member of our team, we’ll show you how to setup an external website like this one to generate leads for your Scentsy business; using content creation to attract customers and potential recruits.

We don’t encourage pitching to friends & family or approaching complete strangers.  Not that these methods don’t work for the right people, they just aren’t for us, and we don’t believe in teaching others to do something we don’t do ourselves.

We prefer to embrace the digital age we live in by using online marketing techniques to attract new customers and consultants.  Building a business is a gradual process.  There is no overnight success secret.  This business requires more patience and consistency than it does work and time.  I don’t have a strategy that is going to get you sales and signups overnight.  It’s a process, but an effective one that anybody with a 6th grade education level can do. 

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The only requirement is that you must be able and willing to create at least one of the following types of content:  Written, Video, or Audio.  You can actually leverage one to create all by re-purposing, but only one is required.  If you can create just one of these forms of content, then you can build a business on it.

You should be able to produce no less than one piece of content per week.  One piece per week is minimum.  The ideal number is 2-3 pieces per week, and if you really want to go aggressive with it 4-7 pieces of content.  Obviously, the more aggressive you approach your business the faster you will see results from your efforts, but in any case, success will be dependent on you consistently giving what you’ve got to give.

Free Website Hosting & Setup

All 1st level members of our team get free web hosting.  All you need is a domain name, which you can usually register for 99 cents for the first year from godaddy if you search google for “cheap domain names”.  Once you have your domain name, I’ll help you connect it to my web hosting server.  After your hosting is connected, I’ll setup your website.  Once the website is setup, I will do a screen demo to show you how to customize it and make it your own.

I will set your website up to have all of Scentsy’s requirements, so you don’t have to worry about being out of compliance.  I’ll setup your starter pages and implement email marketing, so you can generate leads and have an automated email follow-up system in place to convert prospective customers and consultants once they opt-in.

Once I’m done, your only job will be to customize a few pages to add your own personality and create content to feed the search engines and share on social media.  We’ll provide guidance on exactly how to do that.

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Scentsy Is A Business Opportunity For Everyone

The Scentsy business opportunity is perfect for anyone wanting to supplement their income.  Unless your a millionaire or some kind of minimalist, it’s rare to find anyone who couldn’t stand to put a little bit of extra cash in their pocket.

  • Stay at home moms & dads looking for something to fill the gaps in your day
  • College students needing to pay for expenses or wanting to get business experience
  • Retirees wanting to supplement income for living or traveling
  • Working professionals looking for something to start a business on the side
  • Military service men and women looking forward to transitioning back to civilian life

If any of the above scenarios represent you and you like the idea of building a Scentsy business completely online using proven digital marketing techniques than take the next step of joining my team.  After you sign-up, get in touch with me and we’ll start setting up your website.

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