Impress Your Sweetheart With This Valentines Day Gift Idea For 2018

Looking for a unique Valentines Day gift idea that will impress your sweetheart.  Your in for a treat.

Men, Valentines Day is almost here!  Before you know it, you’ll be scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift, and if you’re like most people, you’ll probably end up giving the token box of chocolates and flowers.  This year, you have a chance to knock your sweetheart off her feet with a gift she won’t expect.  A gift that will be used and appreciated for years to come.

Scentsy warmers.  If you don’t know what they are, Scentsy warmers are used to melt aromatic wax bars and distribute fragrance throughout the space in which the warmer is placed.  Some of the warmers are heated by a light bulb while others have a built-in heating element.  In either case, women go bonkers for Scentsy warmers and waxes.

Scentsy "Love Heals" Wax Warmer Shriners Hospital CharityScentsy warmers are designed to be decorative and/or collectible.  In fact, we have curated a collection of warmers that are especially appropriate for Valentines Day.  My favorite, is the sweet heart shaped warmer that looks like a giant version of the sweet tart Valentines candy.  Pair it with a sweet scent bar for a knock out Valentines Day gift for her.  I recommend Luna, a floral scent bar and a creative way to give her the fragrance of flowers that last longer.

Below is a video showcasing 6 loved theme Scentsy warmers that are perfect gift ideas for Valentines Day.  

Scentsy also has a line of bath and body products that makes an absolute amazing Valentines Day gift set.  Scentsy’s “Lucky in Love” bath and body arsenal includes hand soap, hand lotion, hand cream, body wash and body cream.  In addition to the bath and body lineup, you can also get the “Lucky in Love” scent bar and room spray.  With the complete “Lucky in Love” collection of bath and body products and the “Be Mine” warmer, she’ll have everything she needs for a night of pampering.

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auburn university scented wax warmerWomen, Scentsy isn’t just for women.  Scentsy has many masculine warmers; including sports themed warmers, which also make great Valentines Day gift ideas for men.  If your gentleman is into college sports, there are the mini NCAA warmers that plug into the wall and have the university’s colors and logo.  If he is specifically into football, he’ll love the helmet shaped tabletop warmer.  There is an 8 ball warmer that any pool guy would love in his man cave or office.  For the major league baseball fans, there are officially licensed baseball hat shaped warmers for his favorite team.

It’s not all about sports either.  Scentsy has several, non-sports related warmers, that are masculine and that many men would appreciate receiving for their office or personal space.  For example, the black knight is a horseman warmer, that would also be fitting for a chess man.  There are several rugged and wilderness themed warmers that outdoors men would like.  For the classy man or artsy man, consider one of the abstract warmers that have no particular theme but are more unisex in nature.  There are also a number of masculine scent bars to choose from.  My favorite is Mystery Man, which smells like a men’s cologne.

Whatever your partner’s gender or interest, there is a warmer that will make a fitting Valentines Day gift for him or her.  And with the perfect warmer, you are sure to find a scented wax bar that your sweetheart will be delighted with.

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