See the Scentsy Stargaze warmer in all it’s glory

You can try to describe it, but it won’t do the Stargaze warmer any justice until you see it.  Available in both a warmer and diffuser form, this spectacular presentation of light, motion, and colors is sure to blow your mind at first sight.  It will stimulate your visual sense while keeping your home smelling fresh.

Like all of Scentsy’s warmers, the low-watt light bulb included in the Stargaze warmer will fill your space with fragrance – not flame, smoke or soot.  Simply break off a cube of your favorite Scentsy wax bar, switch the warmer on, and enjoy a dazzling presentation while your favorite fragrance travels throughout your space.

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The diffuser offers even more stunning features such as 16 dazzling colorful LED lighting effects, and interchangeable shades, so you can switch things up for a stimulating change.  To use the diffuser, just add water to the reservoir, add 3-4 drops of Scentsy 100% natural oils, and choose your light, color and mist settings and enjoy the show while indulging your sense of smell in the fragrance of your choice.

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