What Are Scentsy Warmers?

Scentsy Warmers are scented wax warmers, that melt the break-a-way wax bars distributed by Scentsy, and disperse fragrance.  Depending on the warmer, the heat source will either be a low-watt light bulb or a built-in heating element.  Scentsy warmers will be either a tabletop or a plugin warmer.  Scentsy has a large selection of decorative and novelty warmers; all come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Tabletop and Plugin Warmers

Beacon Warmer by ScentsyScentsy’s table top warmers are designed to sit on a table, desk, shelf, or any flat surface.  Most warmers are in the shape of a standard cup-like cylinder, but many of the novelty warmers are shaped like a particular object.  Tabletop warmers may have a power switch directly on the back of the warmer, or they can have a toggle switch on the cord.

Amber Leaves Mini Plugin Scentsy WarmerThe plugin warmers, officially titled by Scentsy as Mini Warmers, are typically smaller than the tabletop warmers and they are designed to be plugged into a wall outlet.  They have a special toggle switch that allows you to change the orientation of the warmer, so that it sits upright; regardless of which direction your outlet is mounted.  Most mini warmers can be converted into a mini tabletop warmer, by purchasing a special mini warmer base.

Warmer Heat Sources

Scentsy warmers will have one of two different sources of heat:  a light bulb or a heating element.

Scentsy’s low watt light bulbs come in 15, 20, or 25 watt options and can be purchased individually or in packs of 3.  As you might suspect, the 3-pack is a better deal; with nearly a dollar savings.  Each warmer takes a specific wattage, and should not be interchanged.  The required wattage is located on the base of each warmer, or you can simply refer to the light bulb that the warmer came with.  Warmers heated by a light bulb, are designed to have some sort of glowing or illumination effect.

Warmers with heating elements, have a built-in warming plate.  The wax dish sits directly on top of the warming plate and the wax is melted from the heat distributed from the warming plate.  Warmers with a heating element do not have any illumination, but from my own personal observation, I’ve noticed they are usually the object-shaped novelty warmers.

Many prefer the element warmers because they don’t require the recurring expense of a light bulb.  On the other hand, those who prefer warmers with light bulbs, typically do so because they take delight in the light it radiates.  There are some who feel one type of heat source dispenses fragrance better than the other, but their is no real confirmation of that being the case.

Decorative Verses Novelty Wax Warmers

Scentsy offers both decorative and novelty scented wax warmers.  Decorative warmers are designed to be more abstract.  They look more like miniature sculptures, and can be simple or minimalist in design; or quite colorful and flamboyant.  They are popular for being both functional and decorative.  Decorative warmers make great house warming gifts.  Real estate agents might also find them to be great gifts for clients.

Novelty warmers are designed to appeal niche groups, and are usually shaped like a specific object such as a baseball cap, football helmet, 8-ball, or one of my favorites, is the vintage scooter.  However, there are also some novelty warmers that are cylinder shaped; with markings or artwork that is niche focused.  Scentsy is known for releasing special novelty holiday warmers, that are highly collectible because they often discontinue them after the season is over.  Novelty warmers are especially popular for gift giving because they zero in on the interests of recipients.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the tabletop or plugins, light bulb or element heat source, or a decorative verses novelty design; Scentsy has a warmer that you will absolutely fall in love with.  And if you are searching for a gift for any occasion, you will likely find it in the Scentsy product lineup.

Limited Lifetime Warranty on Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy stands by their product, so much that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all warmers.  Basically if you’re warmer stops working due to a manufacturers defect, it will be covered by the warranty.  Breakdown due to misuse will void the warranty, so you’ll want to be careful to read the user manual for the proper use to ensure you’re warranty is covered for life.

Although I have done my due diligence in researching the topic of Scentsy’s limited lifetime warranty, policy changes happen at the corporate level.  Therefore, as an independent consultant, I can not guarantee the accuracy of this article.  Therefore, it is suggested that you read the warranty information that comes with your warmer, in its entirety, for complete and accurate details pertaining to the warranty terms and conditions.