Welcome to my DFW Locals page; where you can take advantage of the following Scentsy related savings and opportunities if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Free Shipping Opportunities

Let’s admit it.  We all love the convenience of having products shipped right to our door, but as sure as the sky is blue, we are paying for that convenience with higher prices associated with shipping costs.  As a Scentsy independent consultant, I am able to take advantage of special shipping savings by ordering bulk.  I can then pass that savings on to you through my local crowd ordering program.

Here’s how it works!

  1. You subscribe to my DFW Local Ordering Group
  2. I notify the group of the dates I will be placing orders.
  3. I place the batch order, which allows me as a consultant, to take advantage of an exclusive bulk order shipping waiver
  4. The products are delivered to me
  5. I distribute the products locally through designated meetup locations.
  6. We all save!


Want to meet up at a local coffee shop and sniff some Scentsy?  In short, that’s what Coffee with T is all about.

It’s an opportunity for Scentsy virgins to have their first sniff, discover your own favorites, and find out what the Scentsy buzz is all about.  I bring the wax samples, you can come alone or with friends, we all treat ourselves to some fresh coffee, and sit down for some good sniffing.

With so much variety, you’re sure to leave with some top picks!

Complete the form below to schedule a sniff session with me!

Note: I will call or text you to confirm about 1 hour prior to our scheduled meet time.
Excludes today. If you select today, it will be assumed to be for the following week.